About Cycle4Fitness

At Cycle4Fitness, our mission is to create events and programs for adults that desire a fun way to improve their physical fitness. We turn short-term recreation into long-term results, by helping our clients to choose activities that they will enjoy and ultimately keep participating in.

Our Founder – Tom Moore

TomMoore-on-cycleThe name Cycle4Fitness was inspired by our founder Tom Moore’s return to health and Fitness through the sport of Cycling.

Tom was a high school and college athlete, he participated in every sport he could find. After college, Tom remained active by participating in scuba diving, softball, and volley ball.

As life and career began to take priority over athletics, a lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle took its toll. Tom had high cholesterol, was overweight, and was headed to his third increase in pant size. Tom’s doctor advised him to increase his exercise to get his cholesterol in check.

Even though Tom ran track in high school and college, he really did not like  running, and joining a health club at the time was not an option. Tom sought another way back to health… in July 2001 (thanks to a friend and a hand-me-down bicycle) Tom began to ride.

At first it was very difficult – so difficult that Tom could not even ride around the block. He slowly worked up to riding 20 minutes a day, and rode his bike every day he could. As Tom’s fitness improved be rode longer – first six then ten miles then twenty miles a day.

Within 3 months Tom completed his first 100 mile event. He had lost 40 pounds and 4 inches on his waist. His Cholesterol dropped 50 points. Tom knew he was onto something, and he eagerly continued to train and improved his fitness even more as a result.

One year later Tom participated in his first 7 day, 500 mile bicycling event – The Anchor House Ride for Runaways. In 2003, after training with Pax Velo, a bicycle racing team in Southern Maryland, Tom entered his first bicycle race. Tom’s actual results in these two events were insignificant compared to what they meant to him as he looked back to where he began, barely able to complete a trip around the block.

Today Tom trains and rides with the Annapolis Bike Racing Team when he isn’t helping his clients to achieve life-changing fitness goals through Cycle4Fitness.